Anand Marshall

BSc, Lic Ac, MBAcC, M RCHM, Dip Kanpo

Acupuncture and Japanese Herbalism

Anand Marshall qualified as a Traditional Acupuncturist from the London School of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 1998 and as a Kanpo Herbalist (Japanese herbalist) from the Japanese Herbal Medicine apprenticeship course in 2000. He undertook post graduate training in Japanese Acupuncture at Westminster University with Dr Stephen Birch. He undertook postgraduate studies in Chinese Classical Herbal Medicine under Dr Arnauld Versluys.

He was a lecturer and course coordinator at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental medicine on the BSc Hons Acupuncture course between 2000 till it’s closure in 2010.

He was an external examiner on the Acupuncture course based at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2011.

He is the Clinic  Coordinator & Lecturer on the Acupuncture course at the City College of Acupuncture in London.

As a result of his teaching Anand has literally been involved in teaching hundreds of acupuncturists.

Anand worked for the NHS from 2001 – 2014 in Westminster as part of the complementary medicine service (the first of its kind in Britain) based in Marylebone where GPs refer patients suffering from insomnia, menstrual problems, peripheral joint pains and muscular skeletal problems for acupuncture treatment.

He runs a very busy practice in Harrow.


I have been treated with acupuncture in the past and always dreaded the sessions although it did help me with my migraine. I have suffered for more than 30 years and since receiving Anand’s care I have started feeling much better.
Not only was I able to have longer pain free intervals but the attacks were less intense. As for the pain and the fear of needles, this is history! Using Japanese Acupuncture and his particular technique the needling is really not a problem anymore. But where Anand has surpassed my expectations, is his attitude and care he provided me with, session after session; he was there when I needed him and he perfectly played the role of a health advisor.

Dr D (GP) – Chronic Migraine

At the time of my first consultation, undue stress and a recent history of prolonged illness had resulted in a debilitated immune system. Coupled with an irregular menstrual cycle, I was keen to try alternative medicines practices to improve my ill health and health and hopefully overcome my ‘unexplained infertility’. following the regime of acupuncture and prescribed herbs, my health experienced a complete turnaround into a sustained period of exceptionally good health, culminating in a long awaited pregnancy and the birth of my first child.

Mrs C – Infertility

I developed severe inflammation of my shoulder joint in my right arm. This caused very painful arm movements and I was unable to lift my arm without excruciating throbbing pain. I have been afraid of needles since I was a little girl and was not looking forward to the treatment.
I have received acupuncture before which was uncomfortable and even painful at times. Mr Marshall performs Japanese Acupuncture uses very fine needles, which one does not feel at all. I immediately felt relief and within a few days the severe pain had gone. I have seen him for extra treatments when my condition flares up, MY condition is tendonitis combined with fibromyalgia. I have recommended him to my family and friends. I will not use another acupuncturist.

Mrs L – Fibromyalgia and Tendonitis of the Shoulder

I went to Anand in preparation for IVF after trying to conceive for nearly 3 years with unexplained infertility. In the end we never needed the IVF as I was pregnant within 2 months of Anand’s care. It feels like a miracle but it is really due to Anand’s incredible knowledge and skill. Herbs and acupuncture stepped in when Western medicine had little to offer and it has been life changing. Thank you!

Mrs L – Infertility

I was recommended to see Anand for personal reasons. After all the support and advice Anand provided gave me the results I needed. You need to listen to his advice and take it on board otherwise there is no point in getting this treatment. He tailored made my treatment to my needs and provided me the herbs according. I would definitely go back and see him if I needed any other treatment.

Mrs C – Infertility

Effective and reassuring acupuncture treatment… Anand has treated me for shoulder and arm injuries including trapped nerve issues over the past 7 years. Accupuncture can require multiple sessions but has given me long term benefits. Anand combines Chinese medicine with treatment which was aligned to my own beliefs and trust. Thank you Anand.

Mr N – Shoulder and Arm Injuries

Over the past 5 years Anand has treated me for acne, stress and fertility issues. Each time his treatment has either greatly improved or completely resolved my symptoms. His approach is professional, compassionate and results driven. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Mrs R – Acne, Stress and Infertility

Anand has been such a help to me. I started seeing him in 2016 due to 2 years of unexplained infertility following a miscarriage. I had seen a few Chinese acupuncturists and had not found it at all relaxing or supportive. Anand’s technique is very supportive and gentle and he really adapts to your needs. After an operation in late 2016 I discovered I had endometriosis and returned to Anand in 2017 to prep for IVF. After 3 months of seeing Anand and taking herbs I fell pregnant naturally. Anand really allows you to own your own treatment, he doesn’t push you to do or take anything you don’t want to or can’t afford. I’ve continued to see him as my morning sickness, fatigue and nausea is awful and he’s really helping with that. I totally recommend him.

Mrs L – Infertility

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