Herbal Medicine

Kanpo Herbal Medicine

Kanpo is Japanese traditional herbal medicine based upon Chinese medical theory.

Japanese doctors have been prescribing Kanpo herbs under the Japanese national health system since 1967, as a result all Kanpo herbs have met the strict standards set by the Japanese ministry of health, which ensures their content and purity.

Some conditions respond quicker to herbal medicine than acupuncture being used alone or some patients prefer taking herbs to acupuncture.

The formulas administered are derived from vegetable matter and do not use endangered or rare species. The herbs are freeze-dried and ground into concentrated powders or made into tablets to enable easy consumption.

What do patients use Kanpo for?

– Male/female infertility
– Menstrual complaints
– Constipation / Diarrhoea
– Skin problems
– Cold/flu’s
– Anemia
– Hay fever, allergies
– Chronic fatigue

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