Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a system of healing which is based on the philosophy that there are flows of energy (often referred to as Qi, pronounced chee) within the body.
In perfect health the energies flow smoothly.

Unlike Chinese and Western medical acupuncturists Japanese acupuncturists use much finer needles, apply needles very often superficially and use gentler techniques which very often results in the patient not feeling anything, which is great news for needle phobic patients and children!

In perfect health the energies flow smoothly. Due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, physical/emotional trauma etc, the balance of energy will be upset and ill health will occur resulting in back pain, menstrual complaints, stress etc.

Oriental medical theory views the human body as an integral whole it is believed that mental and emotional symptoms may have a physical cause and vice versa. To enable the practitioner to identify the root cause of symptoms a thorough diagnosis will be carried out involving a number of questions, examination of the abdomen and pulse. Based upon the diagnosis, a series of points will be selected and disposable needles will be applied.

There is a heavy emphasis within Traditional Acupuncture of the patient being involved in their treatment which may involve the giving of dietary and lifestyle advice to support the treatment.

What is Acupuncture used for?

– Lower back/neck/shoulder pain
– Infertility
– Migraine/headaches
– Stress
– Menstrual complaints
– Anxiety/depression
– Fatigue
– Sports injuries

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